Hell For Leather quote

“In addition, some new research from Belgium has shown that if 10 per cent of car users took to two wheels, overall journey times for all road users would be down by 40 per cent and overall economy and emissions would be significantly improved too. Everyone benefits from an increase in motorcycle usage, even those in cars, a message which could not be more positive.”

{Kevin Ash – Hell For Leather}

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Indigan Customs

Back in 2010, in a great example of ‘being late to the party’ I shared a couple Deus Customs pictures. This time, while still not being first, I’m arriving a little earlier. In NYC, mopeds are already replacing fixed gear bicycles as the cool way to get around town and the ‘made in the US’ movement is on the rise as well. Indigan, you heard about them here first, or second.

Indigan Customs Motorcycle