Poler Adventure #6

This video really shows what snowboarding should be all about. 1080’s and triple rodeos are great and all, but for me snowboarding is much more about this than it is about big jumps and shooting polished digital video.

This makes me want to go out riding so badly!

Make sure to check out the rest of their adventures series too. Good stuff.


Fall Three

It’s finally fall here in Vermont. It’s my first fall here and I’ve been told that it is – arguably – the best season here. I have to admit, it’s beautiful. I was never a big fan of the third season. Back in Belgium, it’s chilly and wet. I love summer for its warm weather, outdoor meals and swimming in oceans, lakes and rivers. I love winter for snow, winter sports and reading by an open fire. But fall? What’s so great about fall? Well, for starters, it’s not too cold yet to ride my bike, but it’s also not too warm to ride it hard. That’s a big plus. Another plus is that it’s chilly enough to wear more than shorts and a t-shirt but not cold enough to really bundle up and look like you fell into a pile of blankets and they all stuck to you (yes, that is how I dress in winter).

Obviously there’s much more to love about fall, the smells, the walks in the woods, pumpkin pie and October Fest seasonal beers. Over at Secret Forts, they understand this and so they’ve started a series called The Fall Three. It’s pretty cool, you should check it out, especially these two: Antony Crook and James Fox. Or maybe go for a walk in the woods instead.

Further Reading: Secret Forts and 10engines (where I first heard about the series)

Best of 2010

They are a huge cliche, but I love them and this year I’m contributing to the culture by submitting my own: This Year’s Best Of List.
I’ve listed my favorites for a few media categories and, where appropriate, I’ve separated fiction from non-fiction.  Without further ado:

Music: The Way Out – THE BOOKS

Movie: Fiction > The Secret in their Eyes – JUAN JOSE CAMPANELLA
Non-Fiction > Touching the Void – KEVIN MACDONALD

Book: Fiction > Let the Great World Spin – COLUM McCANN
Non-Fiction > The Lost City of Z – DAVID GRANN (notice how having a name that ends with a double n really helps your chances in this category)
Honorable mention (Flemish) > De Laatste Liefde van Mijn Moeder – DIMITRI VERHULST

App: Instapaper

Website: This one is hard…  There is such a wide range of websites that I enjoy: New York Times, McSweeneys, The Selvedge Yard, etc.  It feels like comparing apples to oranges to pick a favorite.  But the first one that came to mind was BikeEXIF, so let’s just keep it at that.

TV: Fiction > True Blood (HBO)
Non-Fiction > Circus (PBS)
Honorable mention (Flemish) > Van Vlees en Bloed (VRT)

That’s it!  Please share your ‘Best Of’ in the comments!  I’d love to know.  Feel free to add your own categories too.