À la Plage, À la Piscine

Photographer Gray Malin made four really cool collections of beaches and swimming pools shot from above. You can see all of them at his website “Maison Gray”. Here are two of my favorites:

I love the chair tracks in the sand.

Maison Gray Photography Miami Beach from above

The shots of people scattered randomly on the beaches, remind me of a photo I took of Central Park a few years ago. Of course, my blurry shot doesn’t really compare to anything Gray Malin does. Here’s another example:

Bondi Beach from above


The Art on Burton

I can’t believe I might not make it to this exhibit. I was just in walking around Stowe aimlessly 2 weeks ago and didn’t realize this was still up. Now I only have 5 days left to get there and Saturday is completely booked already…

This quote from Lance Violette really shows that I just have to make it there somehow.

Via: Jeremie Dunning’s “A Day in the Life”

Made By Elephant

Made by Elephant LogoThere’s something about Belgian designers and ‘Made by’ websites. I’ve already featured Made by Thomas here and today I’m using Tim Van Damme’s Made by Elephant as an excuse to link to Tim’s blog, maxvoltar.com. Made by Elephant was Tim’s free-lance design shop in Belgium. Tim no longer accepts new projects because he now works for Instagram in Austin, Texas. He’s a great (interface) designer and very well respected among the people who ‘make the internet’. Check out his blog and/or follow him on Twitter.

Made By Thomas

A year ago, I decided to change my domain name. I’ve had a few over the years and while all of them served their purpose just fine, I like change and I wanted something that would be more versatile. After thinking about it for a while, I decided on “Made by Fred”. It just sounded right and it worked as a moniker for the different purposes my online hub serves.

Since then, I’ve come across more “Made by” websites. As it happens, most of them are pretty cool. I’m proud to be in such good company. The track record for ‘series’ here on Made by Fred isn’t all that great, but that’s not going to stop me from starting another one. For this series, I’m going to feature some of my fellow “Made by” websites and projects.

Logo for Made By ThomasTo kick of the series, let’s have a look at Made By Thomas. Thomas Bossée is a fellow Belgian, and his “Made by” website was one of the first I stumbled upon after registering madebyfred.com. As a freelance designer, Thomas specializes in logo design and brand identity. I love his clean style and his use of typography is inspiring. Apparently, he’s also the Art Director for Bits of Love (website in Dutch), a digital design studio based in the beautiful city of Bruges.

As this first installment and the rest of the series will show, I’m in good company with these “Made by” websites and projects. All the more reason to improve Made by Fred now that the yearly clean up and redesign is getting close.

More:  Made By Thomas

Fall Three

It’s finally fall here in Vermont. It’s my first fall here and I’ve been told that it is – arguably – the best season here. I have to admit, it’s beautiful. I was never a big fan of the third season. Back in Belgium, it’s chilly and wet. I love summer for its warm weather, outdoor meals and swimming in oceans, lakes and rivers. I love winter for snow, winter sports and reading by an open fire. But fall? What’s so great about fall? Well, for starters, it’s not too cold yet to ride my bike, but it’s also not too warm to ride it hard. That’s a big plus. Another plus is that it’s chilly enough to wear more than shorts and a t-shirt but not cold enough to really bundle up and look like you fell into a pile of blankets and they all stuck to you (yes, that is how I dress in winter).

Obviously there’s much more to love about fall, the smells, the walks in the woods, pumpkin pie and October Fest seasonal beers. Over at Secret Forts, they understand this and so they’ve started a series called The Fall Three. It’s pretty cool, you should check it out, especially these two: Antony Crook and James Fox. Or maybe go for a walk in the woods instead.

Further Reading: Secret Forts and 10engines (where I first heard about the series)