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A graphic guide to Game of Thrones

Tonight the third season of Game of Thrones starts. If it’s been a while since you saw season one and two, you might want to refresh your memory with this beautifully illustrated guide. Actually, anyone who watches Game of Thrones could probably use a little extra guidance.

Game of Thrones graphic

A graphic tribute to Game of Thrones by Nigel Evan Dennis

Take the A-train

I really don’t miss my New York City commute, 45 minutes one way was a bit too much. But the A-train has its charm and I always felt comforted by the realization that people from all walks of life have been riding that train for over 80 years.┬áThere are few places in the world that have such cultural diversity and such rich history. At the same time, for thousands of people it’s just how they get to work everyday. For a while, that’s all the A-train was for me too, but this video reminded me that it can be so much more.

Jazz junctions – riding New York’s A-train