Take the A-train

I really don’t miss my New York City commute, 45 minutes one way was a bit too much. But the A-train has its charm and I always felt comforted by the realization that people from all walks of life have been riding that train for over 80 years. There are few places in the world that have such cultural diversity and such rich history. At the same time, for thousands of people it’s just how they get to work everyday. For a while, that’s all the A-train was for me too, but this video reminded me that it can be so much more.

Jazz junctions – riding New York’s A-train

Rio 2016

“Many logos were created and destroyed.”

It’s inspiring to see how everyone worked together to create a great logo. Designing as a group is not easy but if the team can keep their egos in check and is not afraid to throw away ideas and continue to iterate, it can work.

PS: Brazilians are such a pleasure to watch and listen to.


À la Plage, À la Piscine

Photographer Gray Malin made four really cool collections of beaches and swimming pools shot from above. You can see all of them at his website “Maison Gray”. Here are two of my favorites:

I love the chair tracks in the sand.

Maison Gray Photography Miami Beach from above

The shots of people scattered randomly on the beaches, remind me of a photo I took of Central Park a few years ago. Of course, my blurry shot doesn’t really compare to anything Gray Malin does. Here’s another example:

Bondi Beach from above