The Phone Stack

Here’s a good idea that should help me keep #2 of my December 2010 Resolutions.

Next time you are out for dinner with a group of friends, make everyone put their phones in the middle of the table (or someplace else where everyone can see them). The phones will buzz and ring throughout dinner. Whoever can’t resist temptation to check their messages or pick up their incoming calls picks up the tab.

“I recommend not being such a stickler or hardass on people about the rules and even initiation of the game. Basic premise is to just get people open to the idea of staying active and attentive to one another. But if someone has to take a call; they have to take a call =).”

{ Brian “Lil b” Perez }

If no one has touched their phones when the bill comes, everyone is a winner (and pays their own meal).

This would also work well as a bar game: whoever checks their phone pays the next round. Checking Twitter, Facebook or verifying facts through Wikipedia or IMDB counts too!

Further reading: “Don’t Be A Di*k During Meals With Friends.” – The locking life of Lil b

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