Best of 2011

Like last year, I’m sharing my personal ‘Best of 2011’ list.

The format remains the same, no frills, no arguing the how or why. I didn’t want this post to become just a list of links, so you’ll have to Google or Bing your way to more information.

Music: Smoke Ring For My Halo – KURT VILE *Last minute discovery*
Honorable Mentions: Demolished Thoughts – THURSTON MOORE; Bon Iver – BON IVER 

Movie: Fiction > Black Swan – DARREN ARONOFSKY
Non-Fiction > Bill Cunningham New York – RICHARD PRESS

Book: Fiction > The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – MARK HADDON
Non-Fiction > Responsive Web Design – ETHAN MARCOTTE

App: Flipboard

Website: Poler’s Tumblr, I realize it’s a little weird to pick a Tumblr site as my favorite site of the year, but Tumblr really became hard to ignore in 2011 and Poler’s entire marketing strategy is just genius.

TV: Fiction > Mad Men (AMC)
Non-Fiction > Planet Earth (BBC)

That was 2011. Please share your ‘Best Of’ in the comments.  I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve missed.

4 thoughts on “Best of 2011”

  1. music : mastodon-the hunter, feist-metals, common-the dreamer/the believer, bon iver-bon iver, black lips-arabia mountain, title fight-shred, stephen malkmus & the jicks-mirror traffic

    movie : rundskop, le gamin au vélo, black swan

    web :

    tv : life’s too short, the killing2, an idiot abroad

    big day : getting married

  2. Merci Lieb!

    Feist had mijn lijstje net niet gehaald, schone plaat nochtans! ‘t Zelfde geldt voor Stephen M en Black Lips. Common moet ik nog checken…

    ‘Bullhead’ en ‘The Kid with a Bike’ wachten in onze ‘Netflix Queue’ op een Amerikaanse release datum.

    Nog eens proficiat met de big day!

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