An empty A-train heading downtown


An empty A-train heading downtownIt’s been a while since I wrote anything here. That’s not because I haven’t had anything to share, it’s because I’ve been crazy busy and have tried to spend as much time away from the computer as possible this past summer. Don’t worry, I still spend about ten hours staring at my computer screen every day.

Quick update. Since I last wrote here, Laura and I bought a house. As first time home-owners we are both very excited and slightly overwhelmed with this. We’ve been busy settling in and changing some stuff to make it feel like home. So far it’s been great. We are now officially ‘moved to Vermont‘.

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t been back to NYC since we drove out in a U-Haul almost five months ago. Later this week we are finally heading back down there for a few days. I love it here in Vermont and I haven’t regretted our move at all, but I still love NYC so I can’t wait to visit for a few days (after which I’ll, no doubt, be ready to head back up to Vermont to enjoy the quiet life).

Maybe I’ll post some pictures next week, maybe not. But I promise, it won’t be another two months before I write again.

One thought on “Roadtrip!”

  1. Thanks for the update, fred 😉
    Congrats with the acquisition of your own nest. So, now you can start thinking about the production of your own toddlers … which will make the quiet north less quiet, but then in a pleasant way :)! Good luck to the both of you, and take care. Greetings from the other side of the ocean!

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