It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Now that things are finally calming down a bit, I look around and everything is new! New job, new apartment, new town, and very new views from the windows.

After three years at my previous job and almost four years in New York City, I was ready for a change. And a change is what I got! Monday I’m starting a new job as a web designer with VIC. I am super excited to be joining the team and finally focus full-time on my passion for design and online communication. VIC is the Vermont office of NIC, which means we (!) are responsible for the website and a whole slew of websites for related agencies. In only a few years time, VIC has come a long way and if their enthusiasm and drive is any indication, things will continue to improve, move ahead and get better every day. I look forward to contributing my share to this progress and I’m thrilled to live in and work for the state of Vermont.

While Vermont is very rural and green, it also is a very progressive state. Living eco-friendly, socially conscious and sustainable are not buzz words around here, they are core-values that drive innovation. Fresh air seems to bring fresh ideas.

As you can probably tell, I’m excited about this change and can’t wait to get started on Monday. There’s a lot of (great) work to be done and while I’m sure it will be quite the transition the next couple of weeks, I know I have a great support team backing me up, both at work and at home. Oh boy, here I go already with the happy-go-lucky talk and I just got here.

3 thoughts on “New(s)”

  1. Het klinkt allemaal geweldig en ik voel hoe blij je bent met deze verandering, ik hoop echt dat jullie hier een prachtig leven kunnen uitbouwen!!! Veel geluk morgen met je nieuwe loopbaan.I Dikke kus mama

  2. Right on, Fred. Core values that drive innovation = well said. We look forward to your keen design eye and enthusiasm to push both. Thanks for coming onboard!


  3. Hey Fred, klinkt goed man go for it en ik zen er zeker van dat die collegas blij gaan zijn da gij hun team komt versterken, succes in the new world!!!!!!!!!

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