Manual to the world #3

Happy Buy Nothing Day!  That’s right, Black Friday is also Buy Nothing Day.  The one day each year that we (or at least some of us) actively revolt against the culture of consumption.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving and for me today is about hanging out with the family, relaxing and taking a little break from the rat race.  Going out shopping doesn’t really fit into this picture, so no Black Friday for me…

Another perk of a day like today is that it provides a most welcome break from staring at a computer screen for over eight hours a day.  Usually I stare at a screen much more than I think is healthy.  Between my full-time office job, my web design work and the time I spend watching TV (even if I don’t watch much TV), I easily beat the 8 to 18 year olds who apparently spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming digital media.  Most other people in my age group probably have very similar experiences.  We’re always checking email, working on our computers and pulling out our phones for a quick check of whatever we think needs to be checked right now.

Because it’s my day off, and because I should be enjoying the Green Mountains of Vermont instead of sitting at this desk, I’ll leave you with a link to an article about keeping your eyes healthy in the digital times we live in.

Further reading:
(or, even better, save this to Instapaper and either print it out, or read it on an e-ink device)

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