Another website?

Another website? Is that really necessary? Don’t you have a website already? And don’t people just publish through Facebook, Flickr or Twitter these days? Yes, I have and yes, they do. But I believe there is still room for another website, even if I already have one, or two.
I’ve been using the internet since 1995 and since 1999 I’ve had a few personal web sites. Both the internet and I have changed over the years. My first website was a college project that I maintained for a few years after I graduated. When I met my wife, we shared a website for a while. After she ventured off on her own to create a strong online identity and business, I kept our website up for a while, but it was clear that I was ready for something new myself. For about a year, I was all over the place. Trying to keep a personal website, a business site, one or two blogs and the mandatory facebook and twitter accounts. All this fragmentation really hurt my content, and the choice of what to publish and where became totally overwhelming. Time to reassess! Consolidation and simplifying things is usually a good idea so that’s why I created Made by Fred.
My passion for communication and mass media is the main reason I’m online in the first place, so my online communications studio and my blog are the most important aspects of my web presence. Made by Fred will focus on these two types of content. I’ll use other services like Facebook and Twitter for the specific functions they are good at. But Made by Fred will be the hub that ties my online identities together. Obviously, just aggregating content is not enough to encourage you to come back here from time to time. I’ll write about web design, on-line communication, what I’m up to and what I think is worth reading or checking out. So sign up for the RSS feed or bookmark Made by Fred and share your thoughts, remarks or just say hi in the comments!

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